Can You Really Have Extra Time in Your Day as a Caregiver?

Elder Care in Wake Forest NCYou might crave some extra time in your day, but find that actually getting it is a dream that you see no way to achieve. Truthfully there are some small changes you can make that can help you to find way more time than you expect.

Write Down Tasks, Appointments, and Anything Else You Need to Remember

Studies show that writing things down helps you to keep your brain clear of clutter and can help you to think better. When you rely solely on your memory, that takes a lot of energy and you’re bound to forget things. Start writing down as much as you can, from task lists to appointments and anything else. That’s going to help you to see more about what you need to be doing and when you need to be doing it, which can free up more time than you realize.

Prioritize Your Tasks and Set up a Routine that Works for You

Once you’ve got a task list, the best part of that process is that you can look through it and pick out your highest priorities. What that does for you is that it allows you to group tasks and to get the most important ones completed each day and each week. That can also help you to set up a routine that allows you to get more done every day.

Listen to Advice You Get from Others and Apply What Sounds Interesting

Lots and lots of people are going to offer you advice as a caregiver. You won’t ask for a lot of that advice, but you might be able to use some of it. Take the advice you get and examine it for a bit. If there’s anything usable in the tips you’re offered, give them a try. Leave behind whatever doesn’t work for you.

Ditch Complaining as Much as Possible

Complaining is a great way to vent frustration and irritation, but it doesn’t do much for your own mood. It’s also not very productive. If you can break yourself of the habit of complaining as much as you might be doing, that can give you a better frame of mind from which to try to find creative answers to the problems you’re facing.

Find Ways to Get Extra Help

Delegating tasks will open up extra time very quickly for you and it’s probably a solution you think you don’t have access to. Other family members and friends might not be able to help you the way you want, but elder care providers can take over so much for you. Investigate how elder care services can use their experience to give you back tons of time.

You might not gain a ton of extra time all at once, but you can certainly start carving out more and more time each day. It’s important that you remember that even though you’re a caregiver, you’re also a person with your own life. You need to be able to live your life, too.