Tips for Helping Keep an Elderly Adult Safe at Home

Unfortunately, the number of senior citizens that fall in their home every year is extensive. It can be worrisome if you have an elderly loved one who is living alone. However, there are some ways that you can keep your elderly loved one safe at home. If you can do the things mentioned here, your loved one’s chances of falling will decrease significantly.

Better Lighting

It is important that your elderly loved one has good lighting in their home. If they can’t see well enough, they could easily trip over things in their home. Be sure to put an extra lamp or light in every room of their home. Don’t forget to include the walkways, hallways, and entryway of their home, as well. The better lit the home, the better your loved one will be able to see.

Secure Carpets and Rugs

If there are loose carpets or rugs in your elderly loved one’s home, they will have a higher chance of falling, too. It is important that you secure any loose carpets or rugs. There is non-skid tape that you can get to secure the carpets and rugs to the floor. The tape might have to be replaced at some point, but at least you can keep your loved one from tripping over the edges of the carpet or rugs in their home.


Cleaning Up Spills

Some elderly adults have fallen on a spill. Maybe they spilled their coffee or tea and it didn’t get cleaned up immediately. Then, they went to get up and take care of their cup and slipped. It is important that spills get cleaned up immediately. If your elderly loved one has a difficult time bending over to clean up the spill, whoever is there with them should help. This might be you, another family member, or even an elder care provider.

Move Around the Furniture

Sometimes elderly adults trip over the edges of furniture. Think about the way that furniture is placed in your elderly loved one’s home. Do you think they could trip over their furniture? If so, move it around, so you can reduce their chances of falling.

Clean the Rooms

There are many elderly adults who have a lot of clutter in their home. If this is the case for your elderly loved one, be sure to help them clean this all up. Clutter can greatly increase the chances of your elderly loved one falling. Make a schedule to clean the clutter out of every room of their home. Then come help them to make sure it stays clean every month or so.

Hand Rails

If your elderly loved one has any stairs in their home, this includes on their porch as well, be sure you install handrails to keep them safe. Stairs are tough for many elderly adults to go up and down. Handrails could help to reduce their risk of falling.

These are some tips for helping to keep your elderly loved one safe at home. With these tips, you can reduce the risk of your loved one falling.