Why Senior Pets Are Perfect Companions for Older Adults

There’s a good reason all those dog and cat videos on the Internet are so popular. They are just so cute that you can’t help but smile. Spending a little time watching videos featuring adorable pets can leave you feeling happier. But, you know what is even better than watching pet videos? Spending time with a beloved pet. The benefits of owning a pet cross all generations, but they may be even more prominent in older adults. Older adults often live alone, which can make them feel lonely. Having a dog or cat offers companionship and unconditional love. If your aging relative is living alone, helping them to adopt a pet could make their life happier. While many people think of puppies and kittens when considering adding a pet to the family, senior pets may be a better choice for older adults. Below are some reasons that senior pets and elderly people are an excellent match.

Senior Pets Are Ready to Slow Down, Too

Your aging relative is retired now and ready to enjoy the slower pace of their golden years. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that. They’ve earned it. Having a puppy or kitten around the house might be full of fun and excitement, but it may not allow for much relaxation. Senior pets, on the other hand, are usually just as ready to slow down as their elderly owners. They don’t require as much exercise to stay healthy and happy. Instead, they are pretty content to lie on the floor at their owner’s feet, on their laps, or next to them on the couch.

Older Pets Are Set in Their Ways

When your older family member adopts an older pet, they know exactly what they are getting. The pet’s personality is fully formed, so it’s readily apparent how they respond to new people and other animals. It’s not always easy to know what a young pet will grow up to be like. There is often a lot of training involved to ensure a dog is properly socialized and accepting of strangers and new situations. Kittens sometimes grow up to be shy or don’t enjoy lots of petting or interaction.

No Accidents on the Rug

Puppies and kittens aren’t housetrained, so they may have accidents in the house. Not only is that a nuisance, it means a lot of bending to clean up and frequently taking the puppy outside or putting the kitten in its litterbox. Senior pets are typically fully trained, so they aren’t as likely to make a mess.

If your older family member could benefit from a senior pet but you’re unsure if they can care for the animal on their own, elderly care can help. Elderly care providers can assist with basic pet care, including feeding and watering the dog or cat. Elderly care providers can even take the dog outside and help with keeping the cat litter box clean.