We have worked with SHS since 2015.
We are geographically separated as a family and are not sure what we would have done without SHS

— Shay

I know it’s late but I just wanted to say thank you! Thank you for making me feel so appreciated and loved❤️ I can’t express how much I appreciate you and this opportunity to love and care for one’s who need it most. It really means a lot to me.

— Caregiver Maci G.

I am very happy with my Seniors Helping Seniors Raleigh caregiver Linda A. She is a help with things I can not do safely by myself, such as showering. Even with that, she knows what part of the process I can do myself. It's so important to match a client with a caregiver who recognizes that the client should be encouraged to do as many things independently as possible. She has given me several wonderful tips and is always ready to take on whatever I have planned for the day. She is a treasure and I hope she will be with me for a very long time.

— Jeanne B

Thank you so much! I am really enjoying working with Seniors helping Seniors! I appreciate you believing in me and trusting me with "our" clients. I know I am there to assist and help them, but
really, they bring me so much joy and happiness!
Kathy, it is always a pleasure talking with you! You are always positive and have a smiling, fun, sunshiny face!

Yasmin, God bless you for the GREAT job you do, getting us all where we need to be, with the days that fits our needs. I know that I alone make
your job a little harder with my crazy needs. I appreciate you and have a great respect for what you do.

Dee, you are so welcoming to everyone and work hard to co-ordinate us with just the right clients. Thank you for all you do!

Gina, thank you for sharing your ideas with us and for teaching us in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. You make it fun and interesting.

Thank you all for the things you all do to keep us going. What a great team to have leading us! I have never worked for a company like this one. I have no lake on the 16th and I’m just now falling out never been shown so much appreciation from any company I've worked for. I I will take it. am so thankful for you guys and this company.

— Nancy Reddington

I have worked for various organizations throughout my career and put Seniors Helping Seniors Raleigh at the top of my list. Kathy extends to her team the same caring, support, positive energy, willingness to listen, and help, as she does for our clients. I have loved journeying alongside our clients and building relationships with them. It is a joy to get up each morning working with the people I do and knowing the difference we make in people's lives. We don't just have coworkers and clients, we have friends.

— Dee R

Thank you for the recognition. I get a great sense of satisfaction bringing a little joy, companionship, dignity and security in these senior’s lives. I appreciate the opportunity Seniors Helping Seniors Raleigh gave me in this new chapter of my life.

— David Koehler

Lee from Seniors Helping Seniors Raleigh always goes above and beyond, but he really outdid himself today. Our cat threw up twice. That's very unusual but it does happen occasionally. Instead of coming to get me, he cleaned it up himself! That was pretty incredible.

Also he is better than I am at getting John's meds on time. That's really great. I never worry when he's with John.

— Bev Manifold

Kathy is an exceptional, caring person who owns and manages an excellent home care agency. She and her staff provided much needed services for my brother. One aide would come and make a few healthy meals (soup, chili) once a week. Others helped me get him to doctor appointments, and tests. Others helped with household activities. I am grateful beyond words for Kathy and the folks who helped us. They were a level above other folks we tried. Thank you.

— Susan K

SHS is a life altering service - for the best! The caregivers are exceptionally caring, trustworthy & efficient. They, and the office staff, really know how to brighten a day and solve problematic situations. Really glad I found them.

— Pam of Raleigh

I gave up driving a year ago.
I feel really blessed to have found Seniors Helping Seniors.
With no family near, but with the help of SHS I am able to get to doctor appointments and shopping which still gives me independence.
I highly recommend this organization. They are loving and caring and go above and beyond to schedule whatever you may need.

— Dee C.

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